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12 October 2009 @ 08:20 pm
this little bird is resource shopping. lots of work. la la la.
found some rad mood themes over at <lj user="crackified">.. half an hour later, i have my starbuck love. <3
09 October 2008 @ 03:54 pm
 The CD drive on my laptop no longer works. I am so done with PC. I'm at the Apple store right now thinking of buying a MacBook. I'm in love. <3 
05 October 2008 @ 12:59 pm
Goodbyes are hard. Especially when the visit is so short-lived. My parents were in town for all of 24 hours starting yesterday afternoon. I showed them around the drama department, all the while spewing lots of fancy terminology and theatre facts at them (which was hopefully interpreted as me having a wealth of knowledge from learning 'stuff' in school). We went out for an amazing dinner, I spent the night at their hotel, then they bought me groceries the next morning before heading off to the airport.

I love my parents so much. They are the most amazing, generous, hilarious people I know. They have supported through my experimentation of hobbies and activities, and were overjoyed when I told them I wanted to pursue a career in theatre. And they have an understanding and appreciation of the medium and industry, even though they are not in the business themselves. SO thankful for that. They are thrilled that I am finally in a place where I can play, laugh and grow. (Excuse the Playskool slogan - please.)

Plus they bought me a [tos] window card, and Seth Rudetsky's novel - without any knowledge of who he is or how amahzingly funny he is. Totes.
Current Mood: lethargic
04 October 2008 @ 01:15 am
All done.
No more Buffy. No more Angel.
Cory said, "Hey! Now you don't have to stay up until 2 in the morning anymore."
I said, "Pssht, 'eff that. I'm starting over again."
And I am.

Super pumped! The parents are in the big E tomorrow, and I get a whole 24 hours to hang out with them. It has to last me until Christmas - I think I'm going to toot them around the U of A Fine Arts Building, go out to dinner, then have some tea at a local parlour. Can't wait.
29 September 2008 @ 12:20 am
Today during my lighting practicum, I was arranging gels in a lighting strip under the supervision of my instructor - Mel - when someone walks by us in the hall and asks Mel, "have you seen him yet?" Mel responds, eyes wide: "No, is he here?" The other guys smirks and says, "Yeah, he's on deck right now."

Now, I'm thinking 'Who on earth could be here that can make my unflappable prof giddy like this?' Mel takes a second to recover, then with a huge smile starts to walk towards the lighting booth, saying "I think we need to check levels in the Timms Studio, hey?" I'm totally baffled, and follow him up the stairs and into the pitch black room above the theatre school's main playing space. On deck, they'd moved two oversized chairs and a coffee table forward from behind a set of blacks. On either side of the chairs were two huge projection screens hanging from a rail, with a freeze-frame of Indy cars on them. I'm still stumped.

Then, I notice a guy with jet-black bushy hair standing in the middle of the audience with his back to us. "Check, cheeeeck, one-two-three-four.. check one", he says into the wireless microphone in his hand. I KNEW that voice. "What do you think, Gene?" the sound op. calls down to the guy with mic. Gene? The guy turns around. "Can we check the subs, next?"


I almost fall on the floor. Gene Simmons is in our theatre building!! Apparently, he was in town for a business/entrepreneur program to help promote it and explain what could be done with good marketing.

After a while Mel shooed me out of the booth and had me continue with the lighting strip.. while he went BACK into the theatre. Tosser. :)

. . .

After dinner, Cory and I went to visit Marie at her design studio in the Fine Arts Building. As we were passing the lobby of the Timms, we saw these two girls through the windows with HUGE tits sitting on the benches. "Who are they?" Cory asked. These two girls had barely-there cocktail dresses on. "I dunno, let's go look", I said. We both knew fully well who was speaking inside, so I offered they were 'companions' of Gene's. "Nooo," Cory said. As we came inside and rounded the corner, we saw the pair had on red knee-high platform vinyl boots to match the streaks of red in their hair. Oh yeah, totes escorts. "Told you."

. . .

We hung out with Marie for a while, and Hojin - who was also in the studio - declared that at 10, he was going to go down to the lobby and see if he could spot Gene. I decided to go with him for kicks, and to keep him company. Cory gave up and went home, while Marie retreated back to the studio, so the two of us were left. We sat in for 30 minutes on a balcony pedway overlooking the lobby, but also had a view of the backstage sound lock out of which I was convinced Gene would be coming.

The crowd mingled for a while while the two of us looked on from above. The 'escorts' had multiplied, and now there were ten odd girls floating around, chatting up the men and serving drinks. Jin snapped a couple photos. :/

Finally, Gene appeared. With his gravity-defying hair, red vinyl pocket square, and dark dark sunglasses perched on his nose, he strut underneath the pedway we were on right to the bar. Jin all but FLEW down the stairs and attempted to take a photo of him with his blackberry. He snapped a few - from afar - but by the time Jin made it to the bar Gene had already been swallowed up by the crowd. With a shrug and a sigh, Jin and I parted ways, and I headed back to my apartment.

. . .

An hour ago, I get a call. It's Marie. "Hello?"
"What - woah - slow down too fast."
She sighs, "Uggh! Talk to Jin!"
"I got a picture with him!"
Turns out Marie had convinced Jin to walk her home, and on the way out of the Fine Arts Building, they ran into Gene leaving the lobby. Jin apparently stood there dumbfounded, the thrust out his hand with a greeting. Gene smiled and shook it, asking where he was from. "Vancouver" Jin said. Gene smirked and said "No, somewhere farther away." "South Korea," said Jin. Gene nods, shakes Jin's hand again, says "Komapsumnida", then turns and leavs with his bodyguard down the stairs to the parking garage. 'Komapsumnida' is 'thank you' in Korean.
Wow. Props to you, Gene Simmons.
28 September 2008 @ 08:33 pm
And Kevin Smith says "Sorry, Edmonton!"

As a bit of a present to myself, I bought a ticket to go see Mr. Smith tonight at a venue downtown. I'm pretty pumped, because I enjoy the guy and his movies.. and I have a bobble head of Silent Bob. So basically I'm required to attend. Anyway, I hop on the LRT, get all the way up there, and a guy with neon-green dreadlocks hands me a flyer, saying that Kevin couldn't make his flight, and the show was postponed until the 8th of October.


Pretty unimpressed. But hey, stuff happens, right?
Instead I'm sitting in Cory's studio on one of the computers while he works on his maquette. I'm totally not being productive - I'm looking up Wesley action figures. I bought one today at the comic shop, and one of Angel at the place right beside.. and I was a FOOL and looked at the back of Angel's box.. I was SPOILED! *sigh* Idiot...
28 September 2008 @ 03:52 am
.. word.

high-five for finally getting a proper layout up.
19 April 2008 @ 03:40 pm
OH my GOD. It is such a beautiful day outside!
And what am I doing? Playing Super Smash Brothers with my sister, who just got her wisdom teeth out.
I just feel so unmotivated!
And I need a job.
PLUS I need to go to New York. ASAP.

Sutton's finishing up her run of Young Frankenstein in early July, and I have to get there to see her before then... because I need to meet her. As in must. As in if I go to Edmonton in September, I'll be SO far away from New York, and probably won't return for a good 4 years. BUMMER.
16 April 2008 @ 09:17 am
So I am SO bored out of my mind while trying to write my Pop Culture paper that I've given up for a while. Facebook - like it always does - turns into a black hole so that was quickly scrapped from my procrastination schedule.
YouTube was next.. filled with great footage of Sutton during her appearances on DQYNJ. Overactor's Symphony is priceless.

I'm sittin' here in my pajamas, drinking Earl Grey tea and eating malt toast with my mom who is reading the paper on the kitchen table. I miss this. Living downtown I'm in my room most of the time, because we don't HAVE a kitchen table. We are subject to eating all our meals at the low coffee table in front of the flat screen TV. Boooogus.

I still haven't heard back from U of A. I want to get a definitive answer from them before I REALLY get my heart set on going. Still have to get into the university after the department of Drama accepts me, so... the waiting continues.

And so does the Pop Culture paper.
Current Mood: exhausted
10 December 2006 @ 03:04 am
Alright, so, best night of my life. Ever.

I decided to get up early and lend Shawna and Shaun a hand with the psycho children at the Musical Theatre camp. That was all fine and dandy, I had the bus schedule all planned out, perfect. Except for the fact that I missed my Queensway stop... so the bus got me all the way to Fallowfield. I got back on the 95 going north, hauled my ass to St. Pauls, and helped do damage control for 2 hours or so while the Shauns ran around and collected kids for their little skits.

After that was over and done with, Shaun and I went for IKEA hot dogs and had a good chat about musicals stuff... mostly Guys and Dolls. It was good to spend some one on one time with him. I've missed him these past couple months. We snagged the bus home, and went on our seperate ways.

5:00 rolls around, and I get a desperate phone call from Cory, asking if I can come help him at Suzart. Cory picked Sarah and I up from Ottawa U to go over to Suzart to finish up painting the fake floor they needed. We collected Jon along the way, and it turned into the Cory bus all over again. Painting took all of 20 minutes, then we headed over to Sarite's.

The food was great, conversation touched on everything from that weird Robin Williams - wait no - Kevin Kline movie (:P), to the jewish religion. After that, we spent about an hour upstairs, looking at Facebook photos and videos and LAUGHING our asses off. We had clearly seen the stuff individually, but for some reason when the 7 of us were together, it made it that much better.

Skye and Rav got to Sarite's around 11, with Alexis and Nick rolling in at 11:30.
Somehow, we got on the topic of death and the Mafia, and suddenly Nick started jumping up and down, squeeling like the woman he is. Then Jon and Paula join in, and we all collect in the living room to play three intense rounds of Mafia.

Long story short, we decided I'm throwing a Mafia costume party in the middle of January for my birthday.