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29 September 2008 @ 12:20 am
brush with fame  
Today during my lighting practicum, I was arranging gels in a lighting strip under the supervision of my instructor - Mel - when someone walks by us in the hall and asks Mel, "have you seen him yet?" Mel responds, eyes wide: "No, is he here?" The other guys smirks and says, "Yeah, he's on deck right now."

Now, I'm thinking 'Who on earth could be here that can make my unflappable prof giddy like this?' Mel takes a second to recover, then with a huge smile starts to walk towards the lighting booth, saying "I think we need to check levels in the Timms Studio, hey?" I'm totally baffled, and follow him up the stairs and into the pitch black room above the theatre school's main playing space. On deck, they'd moved two oversized chairs and a coffee table forward from behind a set of blacks. On either side of the chairs were two huge projection screens hanging from a rail, with a freeze-frame of Indy cars on them. I'm still stumped.

Then, I notice a guy with jet-black bushy hair standing in the middle of the audience with his back to us. "Check, cheeeeck, one-two-three-four.. check one", he says into the wireless microphone in his hand. I KNEW that voice. "What do you think, Gene?" the sound op. calls down to the guy with mic. Gene? The guy turns around. "Can we check the subs, next?"


I almost fall on the floor. Gene Simmons is in our theatre building!! Apparently, he was in town for a business/entrepreneur program to help promote it and explain what could be done with good marketing.

After a while Mel shooed me out of the booth and had me continue with the lighting strip.. while he went BACK into the theatre. Tosser. :)

. . .

After dinner, Cory and I went to visit Marie at her design studio in the Fine Arts Building. As we were passing the lobby of the Timms, we saw these two girls through the windows with HUGE tits sitting on the benches. "Who are they?" Cory asked. These two girls had barely-there cocktail dresses on. "I dunno, let's go look", I said. We both knew fully well who was speaking inside, so I offered they were 'companions' of Gene's. "Nooo," Cory said. As we came inside and rounded the corner, we saw the pair had on red knee-high platform vinyl boots to match the streaks of red in their hair. Oh yeah, totes escorts. "Told you."

. . .

We hung out with Marie for a while, and Hojin - who was also in the studio - declared that at 10, he was going to go down to the lobby and see if he could spot Gene. I decided to go with him for kicks, and to keep him company. Cory gave up and went home, while Marie retreated back to the studio, so the two of us were left. We sat in for 30 minutes on a balcony pedway overlooking the lobby, but also had a view of the backstage sound lock out of which I was convinced Gene would be coming.

The crowd mingled for a while while the two of us looked on from above. The 'escorts' had multiplied, and now there were ten odd girls floating around, chatting up the men and serving drinks. Jin snapped a couple photos. :/

Finally, Gene appeared. With his gravity-defying hair, red vinyl pocket square, and dark dark sunglasses perched on his nose, he strut underneath the pedway we were on right to the bar. Jin all but FLEW down the stairs and attempted to take a photo of him with his blackberry. He snapped a few - from afar - but by the time Jin made it to the bar Gene had already been swallowed up by the crowd. With a shrug and a sigh, Jin and I parted ways, and I headed back to my apartment.

. . .

An hour ago, I get a call. It's Marie. "Hello?"
"What - woah - slow down too fast."
She sighs, "Uggh! Talk to Jin!"
"I got a picture with him!"
Turns out Marie had convinced Jin to walk her home, and on the way out of the Fine Arts Building, they ran into Gene leaving the lobby. Jin apparently stood there dumbfounded, the thrust out his hand with a greeting. Gene smiled and shook it, asking where he was from. "Vancouver" Jin said. Gene smirked and said "No, somewhere farther away." "South Korea," said Jin. Gene nods, shakes Jin's hand again, says "Komapsumnida", then turns and leavs with his bodyguard down the stairs to the parking garage. 'Komapsumnida' is 'thank you' in Korean.
Wow. Props to you, Gene Simmons.