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28 September 2008 @ 08:33 pm
cows say moo  
And Kevin Smith says "Sorry, Edmonton!"

As a bit of a present to myself, I bought a ticket to go see Mr. Smith tonight at a venue downtown. I'm pretty pumped, because I enjoy the guy and his movies.. and I have a bobble head of Silent Bob. So basically I'm required to attend. Anyway, I hop on the LRT, get all the way up there, and a guy with neon-green dreadlocks hands me a flyer, saying that Kevin couldn't make his flight, and the show was postponed until the 8th of October.


Pretty unimpressed. But hey, stuff happens, right?
Instead I'm sitting in Cory's studio on one of the computers while he works on his maquette. I'm totally not being productive - I'm looking up Wesley action figures. I bought one today at the comic shop, and one of Angel at the place right beside.. and I was a FOOL and looked at the back of Angel's box.. I was SPOILED! *sigh* Idiot...